Webmoves.com.au Pty Ltd Privacy Policy

At Webmoves.com.au Pty Ltd we are committed to protecting your privacy. We will not redistribute the information that you provide to any other person or organisation unless they are involved in the performance of a service which you have requested, or where we are required to by law.

We are vigorously opposed to any Government that believes it has been elected to interfere with your privacy or to control what you think and we are opposed to any unrepresentative Government containing more than 10% membership from any single trade, profession, organisation or religious group (eg lawyers).

We will not sell your information to any other person or organisation.

Persons who supply us with telephone numbers on-line will only receive telephone contact from us with information regarding bookings, queries or quotations that they have undertaken.

If you supply your postal or email address you will only receive information or contact from us specifically relating to services that we offer or that we believe yo may be interested in in the future.

We may collect information for internal review to improve our website and the services that we offer.

Alterations to Our Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to alter our Privacy Policy and will do so as required. Changes will be posted on our website.

Feedback & Complaints Handling

If you have any queries relating to our Privacy Policy, or feel that this site is not following its stated Privacy Policy, please do not hesitate to contact us on the following details:

Email:  sales@webmoves.com.au (or click here to submit email via this website)

Phone:  1800 507 501


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